This project is currently not maintained.
The simulators are now provided as separate
downloads as part of the Eng-OSX project.
IVI is now a plug-in to the Eclipse workbench.
I will be working on a MacOSX port soon.

See you on Eng-OSX!

Welcome to the home page for IVIonOSX. This is the source for a GPL'ed VHDL and Verilog simulator and waveform viewer, shrink-wrapped as a ready-to-use installer for MacOSX.

The goal of the IVIonOSX effort is to port the required tools to the Mac and maintain a reliable binary distribution that is as Mac-like as possible.

IVIonOSX currently integrates the following tools which are described in more detail below:

To Download the IVIonOSX installer, click this link:

IVIonOSX requires Apple's free Developer Tools to be installed. The latest Developer Tools may be downloaded via the Apple Developer Connection:
Xcode Tools

IVIonOSX embeds the Tcl/Tk Aqua frameworks. For further information on this binary Tcl/Tk distribution, see the following link:
Tcl/Tk Aqua


IVI is a GPL'ed simulator frontend, to perform interactive VHDL and Verilog simulations, and waveform viewing.

IVI allows to integrate a variety of simulator engines, currently adaptions for GHDL, Icarus, and Cver exist.

To learn more about IVI, check the following link:
IVI homepage


Icarus Verilog is a GPL'ed Verilog simulation tool. It is intended to parse and elaborate design descriptions written to the IEEE standard 1364-2001. Icarus Verilog has been used successfully to simulate the OpenRisc1200 processor.

Icarus operates as a compiler, compiling source code written in Verilog into a pcode format, which may be executed by a simulator kernel.

To learn more about Icarus, check this:
Icarus homepage


GHDL is a GPL'ed VHDL simulator, based on GCC technology. GHDL implements the VHDL language according to the IEEE 1076-1987 or IEEE 1076-1993 standard. Nearly all VHDL87 (common name for IEEE 1076-1987) standard and most features of VHDL93 (aka IEEE 1076-1993) are supported. GHDL has been used successfully to simulate the DLX and Leon processors.

GHDL compiles VHDL code directly into executable binaries, which may be executed in the shell.

To learn more about GHDL, check this:
GHDL homepage


The GNU Public License is the key to free software. To learn more about the goals and licenses of the Free Software Foundation see here:
GNU homepage
GNU licenses

This page is Copyright 2002-2003 Felix Bertram
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